How To Use Tablets as Your Laptop

Five ways you can use tablets As A Laptop


Now a days Tablet is boom buzz in android market. Interestingly, the biggest advantage and disadvantage of tablet  is same; yes its bulky size & handling. It is the reason why tablet is more lovable by a business user then college guy. 

It is more handy & stylish to use tablet rather than bulky & comparatively heavy laptops. But the question which is unanswered  is How Can a Laptop Can be replaced with a Tablet ?

I will tell you Five ways to use tablet for your work.  

1) Data storage: Wireless hard drive

Limited storage on tablets is a big issue for power users. Even with expandable storage, tablets can, at the most, store 100GB.

If you need more storage than this, you need a wireless hard drive like Seagate's Wireless Plus (Rs 13,284). It offers 1TB of stoarge, USB 3.0 wired connectivity and wireless connectivity by generating its own WiFi hotspot. All you need to do is connect to the hotspot using the free Seagate App (available for iOS and Android). You can even download files to the tablet using the hard drive.

2) Audio/Video conferencing: Bluetooth speakers

Apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, Fring & FaceTime let you initiate a voice or video call from your tablet.

With a Bluetooth speaker, it becomes easier to have multiple people on the same call. Speakers like the Amkette Metal, JBL Flip and Logitech UE mobile boombox work great as speakerphones and are priced Rs 2,995 onwards. All of these speakers are compact and have loud sound — ideal for multi-person conference calls.

3) Text input: Keyboard cases

A keyboard case offers multiple benefits for the road warrior. The case protects your tablet from dust and damage and also lets you prop your tablet up at a comfortable viewing angle. The keyboard usually connects to the tablet over Bluetooth and has a month's battery backup. Android users can go for the Belkin keyboard and stand case (Rs 3,699) while iPad users can consider the Logitech UltraThin Keyboard cover — it is also available for the iPad Mini (Rs 6,795 onwards).

3) Text Input: Wireless keyboard

While there are a few Android and Windows tablets that have a full size USB port, most tablets can work with external bluetooth keyboards.

Various brands such as Zebronics, iBall and Rapoo offer slim and portable bluetooth keyboards priced at Rs 1,350 onwards. These keyboards usually offer several weeks of battery life (depending on your usage). If you need a bluetooth keyboard with backlit keys, check out Logitech's K810 (Rs 8,995). You can also pair the same keyboard with multiple devices.

4) Connecting devices

Sometimes, you may need to connect your tablet to a TV or projector. Not every tablet has an HDMI port (many Android and Windows tablets do) but it can usually be added with the help of adapters.

Certain tablets have an MHL port, in which case you need an MHL to HDMI adapter. Others like the iPad can be used with HDMI adapter cables, available from Rs 600 onwards.

Tablets with a USB host port can be used to connect regular USB flash drives, USB keyboards and/or a USB mouse. All you need is a micro USB to USB cable which costs Rs 70. Many Android tablets also support a USB hub — with two USB ports, you can simultaneously connect a keyboard and a mouse.

5) Data transfer: Hybrid USB drives

It's not always possible to carry wires and a notebook to transfer data to and fro your tablet. Instead, get a hybrid USB drive — it has built-in storage and supports two-way data transfers.

On one end is a microUSB or Apple connector while the other end has a full size USB port. Android users can get the iBall Hybrid drive (Rs 599 for 8GB) that works with any file manager. iPad users can use the Photofast i-FlashDrive (Rs 10,990 for 16GB) and a free app to transfer files.

Tablet cases

A good case can benefit your productivity in many ways. Apart from the usual functions of protecting your device from dust, moisture and damage, a case can help with one-handed operation or it can prop the device up at a comfortable viewing angle.

Caselogic neoprene sleeve
Price: Rs 1,499
This universal sleeve will fit all tablets that have a screen size between 7-10 inches.

Case-mate pop!
Price: Rs 2,495
This stylish case with rubber grips can prop up your iPad vertically or horizontally. The pop-out stand folds flat when not required.

Tablet cases for better viewing

Cygnett Blue Enigma
Price: Rs 2,549
The unique folding design in this case lets you place the iPad at multiple viewing angles.

Griffin Airstrap
Price: Rs 3,459
Thanks to the rear strap, you can safely hold an iPad with one hand while you operate it with the other. Useful if you need to move around.

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