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Thank you very much for your overwhelming response of my previous articles about best smartphone & TV . Today I will tell you the best AIO PC's available in Indian market as per your budget. 

What ? You don't know AIO ? 

OK, let me tell you..........


"All-in-one PCs, also known as all-in-one desktops, integrate the computer case and system components into the monitor so that the entire PC  is contained all in one unit.  All-in-one (AIO) desktop PCs offer the advantage of a smaller form factor than desktop PCs, but they often come with several drawbacks as well, including higher cost, weaker performance and limited upgrade options." from webopedia.

So my listing is as follows:

Best AIO PC under Rs. 35,000

Lenovo Essential C240 57-311939 – Rs. 27,000 (approx.)

An entry-level 18.5-inch all-in-one PC, the Lenovo Essential C240 is one of the few AIOs in this price range to ship with preloaded Windows 8 64-bit, and features some rather decent hardware promising a hassle-free user experience on a budget.

Best AIO PC between Rs. 35,001 and Rs. 50,000

Dell Inspire One DLDT0454 (4GB) – Rs. 40,000 (approx.)

Featuring a 20-inch full-HD touchscreen along with a 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor, and shipping with Windows 8 64-bit, the Dell Inspire One DLDT0454 is a great looking AIO that will deliver solid features and performance at an affordable price.

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Best AIO PC between Rs. 50,001 and Rs. 75,000

Lenovo IdeaCentre B340 57-311868 - Rs. 68,000 (approx.)

Featuring a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a 1TB hard drive, Bluetooth connectivity, choice of USB 3.0, and a 21.5-inch full-HD 10-point multi-touch display, this variant of the Lenovo IdeaCentre B340 ticks all the right boxes.

Best AIO PC between Rs. 75,001 and Rs. 100,000

Apple iMac 21.5-inch (Late-2013) - Rs. 99,900 (approx.)

Featuring a 2.7GHz quad-core 4th Generation Intel Core i5 processor (Haswell), 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1TB hard drive, FaceTime HD camera, and the bundled accessories of a Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, the 21.5-inch Apple iMac offers great hardware and overall user experience.

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Best AIO PC above Rs. 100,001

Apple iMac 27 (Late-2013) - Rs. 1, 54,900 (approx.)

For a top-of-the-line all-in-one PC, there is no point looking further than the top-end model of the Apple iMac, the 27-inch Retina Display model with a 3.4GHz Haswell processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM (with expansion slots), 1TB 7,200 rpm hard drive, and GeForce GTC 775M graphics with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM.

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